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Nav DC shop floor data capture

Elegant touchscreen shop floor data capture solution

Nav DC shop floor data capture eliminates the need for timesheets and manual data entry, with each screen able to track more than one machine center simultaneously. Dynamics NAV shop floor output and inspection is tracked and instantly updated. Related files can be viewed and zoomed using touch screen technology.

Nav DC is easy to use reducing training time to minutes.

Tracks operator output

Nav DC associates each capacity ledger entry with the machine operator to keep track of operator efficiency and help identify who your star employees are.


Setup, First off, Run and Inspection

Nav DC posts setup times, run times and inspections (first off and patrol inspection). 
The easy to use touch-screen keypad enables run and scrap quantities to be entered as well as operator PIN code authentication. 
Authentication can also be done using RFID tags.


Work or Machine centers

Nav DC can be associated directly to a specific machine center, or to all of the machine centers within a work center.  The work-to list displays the operations according to the work/machine center.


  • Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 through a Web Service interface
  • Can display PDF/JPG resources from a NAS drive associated with a Production Order
  • Authenticate using PIN or RFID
  • Multi-touch interface

Who uses it?

Manufacturing Companies using Dynamics NAV 2013


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